Current Event/Environment and Society

Current Event: The White House is announcing that they will not be allowing the southeastern atlantic coast drilling. Due to record-low oil prices and heavy local opposition, the Obama Administration is not only saving the east coast environment, but the oil market. Next Tuesday, the U.S. Department of the Interior is announcing that it will not allow lease sales offshore in the mid and south Atlantic after severe public input efforts.

The decision will reverse the department’s January 2015 proposal for new leases in the Atlantic as part of its five-year plan to set new boundaries for oil development in federal waters through 2022. This proposal included off shore oil drilling off the coasts of MD, VA, NC, and SC by 2020.


Reading:This textbook was not a “textbook” per se. It incorporated many of the theories we have discussed, and was much more philosophical than educational. Attempting to delve into every chapter was a bit challenging, but having an overview of environment conceptual tools and traditions addresses environmental challenges we face day-to-day in our contemporary world.

The chapter I found the most intriguing was chapter 8, Social Construction of Nature. This reminds me of the discussions we have held about introducing technology and mankind’s footprint into nature. “So you say it’s “Natural?”” excerpt made me laugh. I found this textbook theoretically relatable to our class in many ways, but especially when he lists the three common uses of nature:

  1. The essential quality and character of something
  2. The inherent force which directs either the world or human beings
  3. The material world itself, taken as including or not including human beings


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