Current Event and Project Update

Current Event

Obama’ efforts to restore relations with Cuba have led to an influx of American tourism to the island nation. Environmental organizations are concerned that an increase in tourism will be disastrous for the natural resources and defeat the efforts that have made a foundation for sustainability in Cuba. The concerns come from the valuable coastal habitats and biodiversity hotspots on and surrounding the islands. There has already been strain on these resources caused by the recent popularity of tourism and this should only worsen as popularity inclines. To combat this, the US and Cuba are working together to create preventative management strategies for environmental protection. Part of this approach is reorganizing the food and agricultural programs to be more environmentally minded. This includes reducing the amount of food that is annually imported (70%) and converting lands to grow food. The key here is to convert these lands strategically as not to place more stress or disturbance on the environment. It will be interesting to see how these plans play out over the next few years.

Read more: Cuba Has An Ambitious Plan to Protect Its Environment From Tourists


Project Update

  • Waiting for funding approval from WSCA ($278)
  • Reserved Benes B for April 19th; film starts at 6:30 then there will be a quick intermission before the panel
  • Will submit licensure application this week
  • To do by next week:
    • Contact panel members
      • Dr. Downing is confirmed
      • Others will (hopefully) be from water treatment plant, watershed, and Ohio Chapter of the Sierra Club
      • What should be offered for accommodations and/or compensations
    • Confirm media equipment with chuck
    • Create publicity plan
      • Facebook event, newspaper, and 3-4 large posters to reduce waste of fliers

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