Book Notes Current Event

I found this book to be very interesting. It did at times read as if it were a text book but did describe the authors points. One thing that I did like about this book is the fact the author was to the point and not dancing around a point that he was going to make.

In chapter 2 it seemed as if the author was describing a social Darwinist society by saying that poor people should fend for themselves and play the hand that they received. Another that I found to be interesting is when he brought up the point about how the population growth is directly linked to this idea of sustainability.

Chapter 3 brought the idea of looking at nature with a monetary value which already do as a society.

Chapter 4 people want to look out for themselves instead of looking out for what is right or just for the environment. Not Surprised

Chapter 5- 9 discuss the political ideals towards the environment. As well as how we should approach the topic. Also the risks and hazards that are associated with what to do to preserve or conserve. In this work we see again the attempt to define nature and pin down what exactly is. We have discussed this previously in the course.

Later in the book, there is the discussion of uranium and the energy question is it worth the risk? I had brought this up earlier in the course to discuss the risks involved with nuclear energy which can be at time dangerous.

The last thing that I found interesting about this book was E waste being dumped on poor countries. This can be very dangerous considering the health implications that go along with the components that are being dumped.

Current Event- This pertains to the possible man made earthquake which could effect Oklahoma due to oil and natural gas extraction that we know as fracking. This article also talks about how the U.S. has already had over 220 earthquakes this year that could possibly be linked to fracking. If you want to know more about this topic visit Earthquakes.

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