Todd D’Andrea: Project Update/Current Event

Project Update:

Through the financial award of Ohio Wesleyan’s SIP grant three men and a 5 year old boy have been positively impacted in the Delaware community.  The $750.00 was split three ways between three homeless men.  Jon Peterson of the United Church of Christ reached out to us to see if we could step in as a sort of ”emergency” fund to fill in some of the needs that the church could not immediately meet.

The first man we were able to purchase a large military style ruck sack for to carry his belongings around town.  He had also requested a portable stove and propane tanks like you would use for camping.  The last thing that he needed was clothing for the spring and summer.  At Walmart we were able to purchase quite a bit of clothing at discounted prices.

The second person that we helped was in his late 20’s with a 5 year old son.  He was going to start a job that week and needed construction clothing and a carpenter hammer to get him going.  He also requested spring and summer clothing for his son and a new pair of tennis shoes.  We were also able to get him some various sports equipment for playing outside and a razor scooter he could ride around on.  The two of them were so appreciative for receiving these items.

Finally, the third person we helped did not ask for much.  He had an outstanding electric bill with AEP that needed to be paid and asked if we could take care of it so that in the future when he does have a home there would not be an issue getting the electric turned on.  He also walks on foot through much of Delaware and the only other thing he asked for was a new pair of shoes, which we were able to purchase at Kohls.

Thomas has been storing up quite a few various supplies for the homeless and will be taking these items to the church to supplement what we did for these three men and the one son.  It really felt good to see these people meet some of their needs and support them in a way that gives them a little edge up to getting where they want to be in terms of the quality of their life.  I am glad that we applied for the SIP grant so that we could funnel some of the sources of money from the university to those members in our community who are very much in need.

This project needs to continue in the future.  I hope that future students of this course can pick up where we left off and reapply for SIP money to help the stream of homeless people that will continue to need help in the future.  This is a worthwhile endeavor and you can easily see the direct impact it has on people in our community.

Current Event

‘Unhealthy Environment a Factor of Millions of Deaths Worldwide’

Living or working in an unhealthy environment was the cause of nearly one quarter of all deaths worldwide in 2012.  In that year about 12.6 million people died related to environmental risk factors.  Asia is carrying the largest burden of these deaths that stem from multiple factors.  The largest environmental related cause of death in the study was having a stroke.



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