Project Update

I personally have been having Dan Magee purchase whole vegetables/fruits/ingredients so that I can cook my own vegan food. However, as Dr. Krygier mentioned, they previously tried to push this concept, but it didn’t every really get going. My guess is this is in part due to the fact that as college students we are very busy and cooking doesn’t always top the list, but more than that I think the issue is our residential housing options. I think for people that live in houses with kitchens would be much more likely to take this on. The kitchens are more accessible, cleaner, have storage areas for pots/pans, you can leave your food and go to your room without worrying someone will steal or mess with it. The list goes on and on. I know I used to use Smith’s kitchen, but now I just ask people at Honors or Tree House if I can come cook. So there really isn’t a solution to this, because living in houses/off campus is just a totally other task that OWU should/needs to figure out.

So while I am resorting to that, the issue of having more vegan options on campus still needs work. I plan to check with Dan the next time we meet on how having microwaveable, steamed vegetables in the cafe area. I really think this would be a good start, because while it’s not a whole meal it’s a way for people to fill up on something nutritious and animal/environment friendly.

Also, while this is not due to anything I have done, Smith has made a great step forward in having more vegan options. They have more fruits and vegetables, with their newly done salad bar. They also have a new rice cooker, which means there is always at least something someone could base a vegan meal off of. This is good, because people will often resort to non-vegan items when there’s nothing they like at Smith, so vegan or not this presents people with vegan options at every meal. And for vegans, it’s easier to go to the dining hall knowing there is always something you will be able to eat.

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