Current Event and Project Update

Current Event

My Modern Met compiled 17 of the most eco-friendly gadgets and architectural designs of the last year. Check them out below:

  1. Adidas shoes made from recycled ocean plastics
  2. Self-regulating home aquarium/garden combo
  3. Car that runs on solar energy
  4. Highways that wirelessly charge electric cars while driving over them
  5. Portable wind turbines that can charge everything from your smartphone to your car
  6. Showerhead that covers more surface area with less water
  7. Pocket-sized greenhouse that acts as an air purifier
  8. Micro-shelters that allow for living or camping with solar power, wind power, and water collection filtration.
  9. New “Green Houses”
  10. Lamps that run on salt water
  11. Skateboard-Stroller combo for new family transportation and fun
  12. Carbon-positive (creates more energy than used) housing made of recycled materials
  13. Eco-friendly wood furniture
  14. Underground homes
  15. Urban farming in eco-friendly retirement homes
  16. Cedar pencils with seed capsules in place of an eraser that can be planted instead of thrown away
  17. Floating rubbish bins for ocean clean-up


Project Update

I contacted Tugg for the rights of the move and they referred me to the original production company for the non-theatrical rights. I have sent follow-ups but still no reply.

I am becoming quite concerned with the lack of response. As soon as I can make contact, everything should fall into place. However, I am worried they will not get back to me in time for green week.

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