Todd D’Andrea: Project Update/Current Event

Project Update

Since receiving money from the approved SIP grant, we have helped to improve the lives of 2 homeless men in Delaware so far.  Acting as a sort of emergency fund that covers needs that Jon Peterson and his church may not be able meet, we were able to purchase items to give these two men a step up.  For the first homeless person, named Tony, we were able to purchase a large military style ruck sac for carrying his belongings, along with clothing for the spring and summer and undergarments.  Tony also requested an outdoor miniature cooking stove for preparing meals.  We were able to find him a small camping stove that utilizes a propane tank.  Two propane tanks were purchased for him to get him started.

Chris is the second homeless person we helped.  He is younger, only 28 years old and has a 5 year old son.  Chris is starting a construction job this week and needed clothing and tools for that field.  We were able to purchase work clothing, mechanix gloves, and a carpenter hammer so that he could perform on the job.  His son was also in need.  We were able to purchase quite a few kids clothes for the him for the spring and summer months.  We also thought it would do him some good to have some new toys so we purchased a soccer ball, football, some Legos, and a small razor scooter for him.

At this point we still have about one third of the SIP funds left to provide for 1 more homeless person in the coming weeks.  Thomas will also be donating the supplies to the church that he has accumulated on his own.  I will also be continuing to contact friends and family who would like to contribute to this cause.

Current Event

‘Smell of death’ could help sniffer dogs

To train cadaver dogs, experts expose them to rotting pig flesh because of its similarity to decaying human tissue.  There are a total of 8 compounds that are present in both pig flesh and decaying human tissue that are specific to this scent.  This research was conducted to better improve the ways in which cadaver dogs identify victims accurately.


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