Is Juicing Bad for Us, AND The Environment?

Over the past few years juicing has become a popular diet fad. Instead of typical sugary fruit juices, these are green monsters that generally consist of vegetables and super fruits. These juices are used to supplement a diet and consume more vitamins. However, recent studies have shown that these juices lack critical fiber and good fat to absorb these vitamins. By drinking these juices as a diet, people are losing essential nutrients. As a result, the study argues that all of the nutrients advertised on these juices pass right through you. This finding is pretty significant considering that people spend a hefty amount on these products. All to end up with expensive pee. The study also claims that producing these juices is harmful to the environment. The production involves a lot of waste in the form of pulp, which gets sent to the landfill and emits methane. However, many juice bars have mitigate this issue by reusing their leftover pulp to bake bread. Additionally, some food scientists argue that veggie juices are not as bad as this study makes them seem. These scientists claim that your body does still absorb some of the nutrients in the product, and that some veggies is better than none. They say that cooking veggies does release more nutrients, but you still get some when the vegetable are juiced. It is better to eat your veggie than drink them. There is also discrepancy over whether the body needs fat to absorb these nutrients. Some say yes, some say no. Overall, all food scientists agree that as long as people are supplementing their juicing with actual meals, and composting their pulp, juicing is OK. Liquid is not a substitute for actual meals.

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