Eating Animals & Current Event

Current Event:

The city of Baltimore, Maryland has recently disclosed that the previous information about 5.6 million gallons of sewage released into the harbor was incorrect. They made another statement that it was actually 12.6 million gallons released into the harbor. This kind of misinformation concerning environmental damage is one of the major problems and challenges we need to overcome to help the earth recover. Being truthful about our trash problem is the first step we need to take to save the earth.

Eating Animals:

I originally thought this book was going to be completely about shamming carnivores and pressuring everyone to become vegetarian but looking at the concept of what you consume through his eyes and seeing his struggles has made the topic more approachable. It was very graphic however which can be quite disturbing to some. I agree with him that in this day and age, we don’t devote as much time and care to the food and meal ritual as people have in the past. Now we have fast food joints on every corner where we can grab a bite to eat in five minutes.

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