Book Notes

In the beginning of the book, I found it interesting that food is more than just food. It bring family and friends together because it is after all what we need to survive. He also talks about the family dishes that were passed generation to generation. Food is a common ground that everyone can come together around.

Later he discusses his strong dislike towards animals, dogs in fact. As a child he did not like dogs in the slightest bit until one day he found George on the street. This was more of Foer telling a story more so than anything else.

Later he discusses industrial farming of animals and how they’re treated while in captivity. Many of the animals that are farmed industrially are often Genetically modified to produce the meat in a very short amount of time. This is a disturbing fact. At times I feel as if people have zero boundaries for animals. This is a major ethical and moral dilemma. We are essentially changing the way in which people view animals. This is concerning because believe it or not as cliche as it sound animals do have a feelings. It is sad to hear about animals that grow so large so fast that their legs give out due to size that they grow to. They are unable to walk and are lame until their slaughter.

All in all, I did find this book very interesting to read. It was definitely an eye opening book. This book sheds light on the subjects that people are afraid of knowing or want to deny.

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