New Stormwater Management System in Puget Sound

Puget Sound is under pressure from the Clean Water Act to immediately change management techniques to minimize pollution from stormwater runoff at the risk of several thousand dollars/day fines. This pressure is coming from the long outdated systems currently in place that allows polluted water to drain directly into nearby bays and water sources, causing significant ecological effects to the local salmon and orca populations.

Legislators and environmental scientists gathered and unanimously agreed that Low Impact Development (LID) approaches were the solution to the current issue. LIDs are areas in urban and suburban areas where vegetation patches are created and preserved between industrialized areas (for example, between the sidewalks and streets). The water would be forced to runoff into these patches and naturally filter through the vegetation and soil into the groundwater, drastically limiting the pollutants that reach the water sources compared to the stormwater that runs directly into them.

LIDs are not only economically feasible to create, but beneficial to areas and homes that utilize them as they will increase property value for their attractive appearance and environmental contribution. Implementation of LIDs is feasible on a national scale and could be a positive movement for stormwater management.



LID in Seatle (





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