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13 bald eagles were found last week at a Maryland Farm on the Eastern Shore. The man initially discovered four eagles dead on his property, but once the Maryland Natural Resouces Police arrived on the scene, they discovered 9 more. The causes of death are still unknown because of no signs of trauma, but massive die-offs can usually be linked to deadly, disease-ridden animal carcasses that this group fed off of.

A possible explanation that the USFWS is investigating is that the farm owner used toxic pesticides to get rid of rodents, and the eagles ate the same rodents, and died after ingestion.

The investigation is now being handed over to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, because Maryland has never experienced this large of a rare species die.

  • There is a 10k reward for any information about the death of the avian symbol of America, and a 100,000k fine to any person who brought harm this animal because they’re a protected species under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act as well as the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.


As a current vegan, I was interested to see how the three of us in class would react to this book.

Chapter 1: I enjoyed that he began the novel by debating whether or not he was going to let his soon to be out of the womb son consume meat. He tells of the pros and cons to each side, highlighting the understandable reasons one is a vegetarian compared to meat-lovers. He explains the connection of “chicken and carrots” as a family dish passed down through family members reaching back to the holocaust. Eating meat is not just a delight to him, but something that is carried on, and now he must decide if his child will eat the same chicken and carrots. This chapter was exactly as I assumed; storytelling after storytelling.

Chapter 2: This was the chapter I enjoyed the most, because I can relate to the feelings of disgust when people love and called dogs “mans best friend” and then eat an animal closely similar a minute after. George, his dog, I feel might have been the reason he decided to write this book. He brought the admiration for animals into Foer. I can extremely relate to this because not just because of my Judaism, but my personal feelings, I have never eaten pork. I don’t understand how something that people value for their cuteness and pet abilities is eaten daily by many as bacon strips.

Chapter 3:On page 46, Foer introduces a new word to the reader; anthropodenial, which means the refuse to merge significant experiential likeness between humans and the other animals. This makes me ponder why we are allowed legally and culturally to eat animals but not other humans. (Not cannibal or anything.)

Chapter 4:This chapter was particularly disgusting to me, because he covered the extreme processes that go into the everyday meat that we consume. He touches on the time it takes for workers, the animal and everything else that is concentrated into a simple piece of steak.

Chapter 5: This section touches on the cross-breeding in production, creating diseases that wouldn’t be there if we didn’t need to eat meat. He touches on H1-N1, and immune system issues.

Chapter 6: He further touches on the claims of the enjoyment of meat-eaters, and then the benefits to not eating animals.I can agree with the terrible thoughts that animals go through extreme pain just for our enjoyment of eating proteins, working in our benefit. How are we the be-all, end-all deciding their fate? When do animal rights come into play?

Chapter 7: He states on 107, “Vegetarians are at best kindly but unrealistic.” He respects the views of each stance, and is primarily concerned about his own family, but mostly his unborn son.

Chapter 8: This chapter made me lol. Just going through the oh-so-American tradition of thanksgiving reinforces that our lives are based around eating animals, with the turkey being the symbol as well as the main course of a entire calendar day, almost month. The “American Table” is an interesting way to put it.animals-eating-berries-21__605.jpg

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