Superbloom & Nature

Coates Nature Part 2

The book investigated the difference between the rich and poor’s need or want for natural as a relief from daily stress. The rich does not need nature because they see it as wild and shocking to their delicacy while the poor see it as a beauty unknown in their industrial living.

“The needs of working-class people for relief from the pressures of modern urban-industrial life were arguably even greater than those of the literati with their delicate sensibilities.”

He also discussed the purpose of humans and their place in the world. Using Darwin’s evolution, he explained that everything is connected, humans are great but they are still tied to all things natural. This section sort of reminded me of Pocahontas’s Colors of the Wind.

“His [Darwin] evolutionary model did not insist that humans were directly descended from the apes.  Instead it stressed divergence from a common progenitor, a relationship conveyed by the idea of parallel but separate limbs of a tree, united by trunk and roots”

I think the idea of humans playing God is very interesting. I do animal research and fully believe that animal research is necessary for medical advancements. When he was talking about cloning Dolly, I was particularly intriguing because from my point of view, we barley know anything about the world, even with all the amazing findings we have had, we are just scraping the surface. Therefore our cloning research is just us trying to better understand biology. It is not used as a tool for profit.

Current Event: Death Valley’s Superbloom of Flowers 

In the California national park, Death Valley, there has been a boom in flowers that has not been seen since 2005. Apparently due to heating after rainfall in the area and little wind, the valley looks beautiful with millions of flowers. There are more than 20 different flower types, including Brittlebush, Desert Five-Spot, Gravel Ghost, Notchleaf Phacelia, Golden Evening Primrose, Rock Daisy, Sand Verbena, and Desert Gold. Apparently, the flowers will stay as long as the rain stays. Right now, El Nino has brought more rain to the area, allowing it to thrive. If the area returns to it’s normal drought weather, the flowers will soon fade. Normally, the area is barren and uncomely which detracts from it’s popularity but it is surrounded with snow capped mountains that make the superbloom just that much more beautiful.

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