Project Proposal

Project proposal

Environmental geography

For my project, I am going to do an outdoor lighting assessment. There was one that was done in the past, however, after all of the new renovations to the university I think it is important to see if outdoor lighting was taken into consideration when undertaking these renovations. On top of looking at places that have been recently renovated, I want to look at places around campus and off campus that the school may not have jurisdiction to put up lights, but may need lights because of the foot traffic in those places during the evenings.

The importance of an outdoor lighting assessment is that these assessments help make sure that we are not wasting electricity and energy on unneeded lighting. Its also important, because there may be places on the university where we need lights in order to maintain safety.


Project outline


Feb 24th

Figure out if I will need to buy a lumen meter or lease a lumen meter if I cannot borrow one from the school or other connections.


March 4th

Completed at least two nights of observations with or without the lumen meter.


March 24th

Finish all out door lighting assessments and get all of that data into spreadsheets

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