Nature part 2

Nature is something that is immersive.

It can not be framed.

In this chapter once again we see the privatization of nature with the nature.

The black acts of 1723 this made non whites from using these hunting grounds.

Here we also the see the discussion of superiority over some animals in the animal kingdom. This can be seen by George Orwell’s book animal farm in 1945.

Environmentalism- is to preserve what we haven’t already destroyed in nature. I think most of these beliefs stem from the guilt that is associated with damaging the environment.

Nature is often romanticized by taking backpacking trips  to become closer to nature. This is how gain the appreciate nature and its beauty.

Here we see nature being displayed as this idealistic place.

Nature is often romanticized by writers and in paintings as well.

Coates also points out that the slums of the inner city and we see how they are put into modern day slavery.

Much our nature is often man made and is not as is it is as an original whole.

Moral of the story Capitalist economic power has short term goals in mind without taking into account the long term damage that is being done.

It was interesting to see Coates to discuss the slums of the inner city.

I think that people continue to move away from nature because it is for our own self serving interests.


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