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Dixon Stoddard

The article I looked at this week was on the record breaking heat during the month of January. In the article “January Smashed Another Global Temperature Record” it talks about how this January was the warmest January EVER! It looks at the average temperature around the world and talks about how this is related to climate change and global warming. It first looks at how the average temperature has risen from 1.11 degrees Celsius above average from the month of December to 1.13 degrees Celsius above the normal temperature during the month of January. This would not be such a concern but as they state in the article, “It marks the fourth month in a row where the globe has been more than 1°C”(Kahn). They also talk about how one of the telltale signs of this warming is the El Nino which is due to the warming sea temperatures. But what is most disturbing is that “According to NASA, temperatures in some parts of the Arctic averaged up to 23°F above normal for the month.”(Kahn) In this article they also talked about how this is contributing to the loss of sea ice.


Kahn, By Brian. “January Smashed Another Global Temperature Record.”LiveScience. TechMedia Network, 16 Feb. 2016. Web. 24 Feb. 2016.

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