Larynn Cutshaw: Project Update

After facing several obstacles with the water conservation education project, I decided to change my project to have a film screening of the water conservation documentary, Last Call at the Oasis (check out my project proposal for more information).

Since my proposal, I have made some progress in securing connections:

  • The film will be screened the evening of April 19, 2016 because this is the day of Green Week that is focusing on Water Waste (and they have nothing else planned for the evening).
  • Chuck does not have anything to do with securing The Strand, but he is more than willing to help if we have to have the screening in the Benes Rooms.
  • I contacted Tracey at The Strand to get the cost of using the facilities; still awaiting reply.

Next steps:

  • Securing venue (The Strand or Benes Rooms)
  • Get funding for the venue and acquiring public performance rights
    • SIP and/or request supplemental funding from WSCA through Green Week
  • Contact Panelists
    • What do I need to do to compensate them?

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