Project Proposal: Converting to Veganism at OWU

Project Title: Converting to Veganism at OWU

Project Participant(s): Callan Yanoff, Emily Scott, Shannon Schlater

Description & overview of project:

Throughout this project I am converting from a mild form of vegetarian to vegan. Personally, I am more about the environmental benefits rather than the ethical, although I have never eaten pork and rarely eat beef for ethical reasons. Emily Scott and I are collaborating on a vegan Twitter account, @readysetvegan. On our twitter, we are tweeting about the struggles of being a vegan in college, and in particular, Ohio Wesleyan. We are also posting pictures of our meals, giving other students and peers an idea of innovative vegan food options that are healthy. Towards the end of the semester, I hope to make an extensive blog post on here or my own wordpress, about the ups-and-downs of attempting to be vegan while at college.

I am also interested in collaborating with Shannon Schlater about bringing in a pig and having a table at OWU’s Green Week, because eating pork is something I feel strongly about and having a live animal would attract attention from students about why we are vegan.

Another aspect of our vegan journey is the environmental geography dinner at Krygier’s house in March. I am in collaboration with vegan chef Del Sroufe, who works out of Columbus to supply delicious vegan cuisine as carry out and other food options. He has an elaborate menu that has items that wouldn’t usually stick out to a animal product eater, which is what we are going for. At the dinner, we hope that meat eaters and plant eaters alike will not discriminate against “V” foods, like many students do on campus. We are also in cahoots with Chartwells, hoping to make minor changes that will allow many more prepared foods on campus vegan. For example, they take every salad and douse it with cheese, or take fresh vegetables and sear them in butter. So close yet so far.

Outline of project:

January 30th: Began the journey into life without animal products.

February 15th: Reached out to Columbus Chef Del Sroufe to assist us with appetizing vegan options for our class dinner.

February 24th: Present to my fraternity chapter about veganism, inform them of my account, collaborate with the two other vegans in my house.

February 26th: Confirm details of dinner with Chef Sroufe.

March 23rd: Announce before/ during Green Week about new and improved Chartwell’s vegan options.

March 25th: Green Week: collaborate with Shannon on bringing in a live pig.

April 13th: Present to Chartwells a list of recommendations for non-vegan options to rid them of unnecessary butter, cheese and dairy products.

April 20th: On twitter, link a extensive blog post about the relationship between college life and veganism.

Annotated bibliography:

Health Effects of Vegan Diets – Article from University of Oxford on the missing nutrients when taking animal products and byproducts out of your diet, such as causing calcium deficiencies.

Veganism Proven to Alleviate Illness Symptoms – Studies show that a vegan diet has proven to lessen the symptoms of Fibromyalgia, only showed signs of improvement compared to the control group, whose symptoms worsened. Other symptoms were lessen with veganism in asthma, and hypertension as well.

The Sistah Vegan Project – “A critical race feminist’s journey through the “post-racial” ethical foodscape.” A blog highlighting the struggles of all aspects of life, but mostly being vegan in today’s society.

PETA Vegan Report Card – As vegan food has exploded on college campuses, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) gives a rating of the best and worst U.S. schools, many actually being in Ohio.

Vegan Grocery List –  50 Vegan, meet-free diet staples that are also versatile for vegetarians without sacrificing the pleasure of “eating.”

Vegan Lifestyle Magazine – Delves into every aspect that isn’t just about the food we eat, but travel, holidays, restaurants, personal products to animal rights. Plethora of  helpful articles.

Livestrong’s Pro/Con List of Vegan Diets – Famous health website laying out the benefits and negatives of going vegan, including normal concerns and even the social aspects.I used this in deciding my project.

Minority Food Culture – University of Alberta, CA, published an article about the phenomenological investigation of converting to a vegan, and how much of a minority they are in the food culture.

Vegan Chowhund – I heard of this website before going vegan, but this particular piece describes the outward hatred for vegans, and why they are marginalized as outcasts.

Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating – This novel tells the story of how going vegan has physically saved someone’s life, and how simple it is to be vegan, while it has such a significant impact on the environment and health of our planet. The existence of animals who share our planet is also called into question to ask whether or not they are here for our consumption.


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