Project Proposal: OWU Vegan Lifestyle


Project Title: OWU Vegan Lifestyle

Project Names: Emily Scott, Callan Yanoff, & Shannon Schlater

Project Overview

Through this project, we will connect the school with a company that provides packages of all vegan meals and snacks. In the hopes of making a profit and selling the vegan items as much as non-vegan items so they do not go to waste, we will not make it blatantly obvious that the meals and snacks are vegan. Blatantly stating that food is vegan may remove consumers that don’t want to, “steal,” vegan food from vegans and others may just reject it because they have a predisposed belief about the quality and taste of vegan meals that is lower than that of non-vegan meals. However, without blatantly stating what on the menu is vegan, we still want vegan students and staff to be able to find a vegan meal without going on a scavenger hunt. One way we can do this is by placing the food in sections of the dining areas preordained as vegetarian, organic, or gluten free, such as the back right corner of the Thompson store. Another way we can identify the vegan items is by placing a sticker on them that is a symbol of an all vegan meal. The school could make stickers out of the vegan, “V,” symbol.

In high school for three months I was vegetarian and was fairly successful but did not continue with it because my beliefs did not line up with the causes as strongly as I wanted. I have been a meat eater for the past 5 years and had no troubles with finding healthy meals on campus. Through intriguing discussions on food economy in courses at this school and my own curiosity, I have decided to become vegan. As a new vegan, I am also documenting my journey from carnivore to vegan on twitter (@readysetvegan). One of the challanges with veganism that differs from the challenges of vegetarianism is ignorance of animal by-products. It is very easy to make a mistake and eat something that is not labeled as having an animal by-product when it actually does and it’s just because of the oil used or something equivalent. I can note the obvious easy changes Chartwells can make to accommodate vegans and talk with them about changing their methods. There are many other vegan twitter accounts that I can look at for hints and tips as to how to become a better vegan but on this campus using only food point for meals instead of cooking them yourself, it is definitely harder to identify and to find vegan food.

Another part of this project will include serving a vegan dinner for the class the Wednesday after spring break. The vegan chef from Columbus, Del Sroufe, will work with us to provide appetizing food for the night. This may improve the way people think about vegan food, even if it is only served for our class.


Project Outline

February 1st – Start vegan diet and documentation of challenges and successes on twitter (@readysetvegan)

February 15th – Email Chef Del Sroufe to start planning the class vegan dinner.

February 17th-24th – Research companies that make prepackaged vegan meals.

February 25th-March 2nd – Connect with the school and discuss which of these companies have acceptable pricing and available delivery options. Confirm with Chef Del Sroufe the details of the dinner night, what he will be serving, and payment.

March 2nd-March 16th – Contact the company that Chartwells approves of and has the best pricing, delivery, and meal options to confirm that the sale is a realistic option and the company has enough resources to feed the campus.

March 17th-March 23rd – Order the meals with Chartwells or have Chartwells order the meals on their own and discuss the correct placement and packaging (stickers) of the vegan meals.

March 23rd – Tell the public about the new vegan options on campus through the OWU daily and research other methods to get the information out there.

April 6th – Make a list of all the easy fixes I have noted on twitter for Chartwells tosome  make more meals vegan.

April 13th – Present the ideas to Chartwells and help them implement the changes.

Annotated Bibliography

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Craig, W. (2009) Health effects of vegan diets. The American Journal for Clinical Nutrition 89(5), 1627-1633                                                                                                                                                                  Vegans consume insufficient nutrients, especially iron and zinc, unless their diet regularly includes these nutrients. Supplements are an easy way to account for this.

Would We All Be Healthier With a Vegan Diet? WSJ by Campbell & Rodriquez (                                    Scientifically supported journal article discussing the advantages and disadvantages of a vegan diet.

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Guide to Being Vegan in College (                                                               This is a helpful guide to making veganism in college a little more approachable.

12 Dorm-Room Staples (                      Good ideas of food that could be sold at Thompson to make sure vegans are accommodated.

Vegan Grocery List (                                                                                                               Another list of staples for a vegan diet.

World’s First Vegan Supermarket Chain to Open in Portland (                                                            Portland has the first all vegan supermarket where vegans can feel free to buy anything without worry.

Vegan Essentials(                     This is a site that sells vegan supplies for your diet, your house, and any other daily activities that you do.

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