Project Proposal: Jordana & Catie

Ceramic Vessels: Campus Sustainability Initiative

Screen shot 2016-02-16 at 1.39.09 PM

initial renderings, drawn by Catie


We seek to undertake a campus sustainability initiative to create and sell reusable ceramic water bottles and portable coffee mugs. As Fine Arts majors nearing the completion of the BFA degree, we would like to combine our interests in environmental sustainability, philanthropy, and art-making to provide usable art to share with the campus. As a part of Dr. John Krieger’s Environmental Geography 360 class, we will create unique vessels to help combat excessive waste issues on OWU’s campus. The distribution of these products will both decrease OWU’s paper waste by providing paper coffee cup alternatives, and simultaneously increase the use of the water bottle fill stations. Each of the pieces will utilize techniques learned in studio classes at OWU to create unique, personalized drinking vessels. Ultimately, this project will showcase the union of fine arts and activism.


We will sell these hand-made vessels at events in accordance with the spring 2016 Green Week programming. Several of the events pertain to water and waste sustainability, including “Ban the Water Bottle,” “Carry Your Waste,” and “Green Week Panel.” The proceeds made by these sales will be donated towards the local Stratford Farm Ecological Center and the international nonprofit The vessels will be constructed using hand building techniques learned in Kristina Bogdanov’s Ceramics I ART 358 class, and inspired by traditional water vessel forms. The drinking spout of each water bottle and mug will be designed to fit food safe water bottle corks and silicone coffee lids. The bottles will be decorated using white slip and photo transfer methods (developed by Kristina Bogdanov). The decoration of the bottle will reveal the medium we’re employing, as a means of emphasizing the handcrafted nature of the product. Though appearing simplistic, these works will include techniques and processes learned in Kristina Bogdanov’s Ceramics 358 class, Frank Hobbs Painting 354 class, and Jim Krehbiel’s classes Printmaking 356 and Computer Imaging 353. The photo transfers will include imagery taken from Ohio Wesleyan’s campus, the natural world, and related sustainability imagery.

Previous Projects

“Reuse or Rethink”, Fall 2015

  • project sought to promote hydration stations as well as reusable bottles

Ban the Bottle” initiative, Spring 2015


“Photo Lithography on Clay”

  • Article features an interview with our ceramics professor Kristina Bogdanov, discussing her method of transferring photos onto clay, a method we are employing to decorate the ceramic vessels.

The Water Project

  • An organization we are considering donating our proceeds to, the website presents information about the environmental impact of disposable plastic water bottles, addressing faults in production as well as waste management.

“Choosing the Right Water Bottle”   

  • Article weighs the pros and cons among various materials used to make reusable water bottles, considers the negative effects of manufacturing plastic water bottles.

“Terra Cotta Advantage”

  • Discusses the advantages of using terracotta, as it is 100% sustainable; waste created is easily reconstituted to be used over and over.
Best Party I've Ever Been to

depicts processes we will employ, constructing with terracotta clay, then adding a white slip and printing images over that


Reilly Reynolds, Green Week Organizer,

Kristina Bogdanov, ceramics professor,

John Krygier, faculty advisor,

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