Current Event: Suburb Food Scrap Pick Up

Suburbs Embrace Food Scrap Recycling to Cut 15 Percent of Landfill Waste – The Daily Herald

Illinois has become a leader of composting in the midwest and it’s making peoples heads turn. In some parts of the state, there is food scrap and yard waste pickup as well as regular trash and recycling pickup. The compost, or food scraps and yard waste, are then taken to a facility that can process the compost and turn it into reusable soil. Some have questioned these facilities about the odor problem that is popularly associated with compost. However, the facilities are not worried because if processing is done correctly, there should be no odor. Odor only occurs if there is no enough oxygen getting to the material and can be accounted for at the facility by regularly turning over the compost pile. Some schools, farmers markets, and other events also have composting programs now. The program has had a slow start because of the lack of facilities of this nature but with growing interest and public support, we will see major changes in the future for Illinois.



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