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The article I read was called “Conquer Mont Blanc from Your Couch with Google Street View“. In this article, they talk about how it was able for a team of climbers, mountain guides, free skiers, and trail runners to compile photos so that anyone on a device that supports google street view, could travel up Mont Blanc. When i read this article at first glance it sparked my interest, and I immediately went to google and looked up the street view and started the trip up Mont Blanc. It was spectacular, not only because of the views, but because of the different scopes that the pictures had. Because they were take from the perspective of multiple different extreme sports athletes, it made it a lot more enjoyable. However, as I was doing this, I could not help think about what Ed Abbey would say if he was alive to see this. He would most likely Sh*t a Brick, because it is encouraging the lazy life style which Abbey hated. It’s interesting how much society has changed, and how much people want to experience the out doors. It’s interesting how even though people want to experience the out doors but don’t want to actually experience the out doors. Granted I can understand how it can be argued that something like this is helpful to people who may never have the opportunity to experience the outdoors.

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