Project Proposal: Chimney Swift Towers


Project Summary:

Providing safe nesting areas for local chimney swifts in locations atha will limit the disturbance from human activities. The original proposal was made in 20a, and those involved included Alex Johnson, Dick Tuttle, and Dr. Krygier. This time around the project will involve again Dick Tuttle, Dr. Krygier, myself and also Dr. Reichard, and Jordan McCallen. To keep this project moving forward we will be finishing the plans for installing at least one tower, and possibly 12 feet but ideally 16 feet. Each tower will have the capacity to house up too 100 birds each, and the tower will provide the campus with more opportunities to study the chimney swifts on campus, and for students to develope a better understanding of these birds in our community.

Project Goals For this Semester:

The goal of moving forward with this project include; coming up with a price for the tower or towers, deciding exactly what the materials will be for the aesthetic look of the towers,  and meeting with field and grounds once a thorough and exact plan of action has been set.

-Ashley Tims

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