The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse

Bruckner’s writing style I found to be very different from any other writing style I’ve ever read, and it wasn’t necessarily a bad different but it also wasn’t spectacular. He had a unique taste for writing in binaries, like Thoreau did in some ways, but he did it from the perspective that continuously outlined what humans have done wrong throughtout history. Pointing out our flaws, questioning almost every decision humans as a race have made, as well as on the individual scale.

In his sections on the Seductive Attraction of Disaster:

I found his arguments has validity, but they were stated in ways that generally aren’t thought of…and they caused me to rethink what exactly the movie the movie industry means to me personally. I have never been a fan of horror movies because they seem too unrealistic and predictable, so for me I found his arguments about how the movie industry has moved toward unrealistic horror films that reach beyond what is practicle to sustain the same “need” to face our fears. Having the courage to face our fears is another attraction Bruckner mentions about fear, and he mentions its necessary for human beings to recognize the reality that the things that we fear the most can easily take shape in our lives.

In his section on Progressives Against Progress:

Bruckner continues to use arguments that deface the modern human way of lifeor at least the lifestyle of those who live in luxury and developed nations. HTe main arguemnt in this section revolves around the issue of progress and the impacts and concequences that come along with human progress. Arguing that the approach humans take to btain progress forces nature to take a second hand standby, as we demolish nature to further ourselves. Also, the uneven benefit and gain between progress in developed nations versus undeveloped nations, and the distribution of those benefits to those nations is very bias in the favor of the developed nations. Bruckner also discusses that the cost of progress is the destruction of capacity that comes along with it.

In Bruckner’s section on The Great Ascetic Regression:

The conflict and discussion on the uneven use of resources, the true meaning of what it is to live a more modest and honest life, and what is truly necessary to lve a lfe that is fulfilling. Bruckner states that in order for developed nations like the United States and Europe to have any reduction in their use of resources that they must againimpoverish themselves. Impractical in my opinion, to ask of a developed nation because people who do not worry or concern themselves with nature or the environment. They are not going to be willing to give up their wifi, bobble heads, fancy houses, flat screen TVs, avideo games, and the various other unnecessary commodities that come with living with no concern of the basic necessities of life.

One of the last sentences in the book I found to be quite humbling and compeling;

“In the wrong hands, the best of causes can degenerate into an abomination.”

-Ashley Tims

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