Project Update

I am very excited that others in the class are looking to become vegan. Personally, I actually only know one other full-time vegan, so this is pretty cool.

I have sent an email to someone from Oberlin looking into how they implement a lot of vegan options on campus, how they sell, and how they label them. I haven’t heard back yet, but I think their insight will be very helpful. I know a vegetarian that goes to Oberlin, and she said she often eats a lot of vegan items just because there are so many and they are actually good/better than the other options. Just looking through Oberlin’s dining services website I see that they do label a lot of their items as vegan. This is interesting because I know personally the word vegan can be a turnoff to people. (Though they probably have different social norms and different types of people than we have here at OWU)

I once told one of my volleyball coaches that I found this vegan chocolate chip cookie dough (Hampton Creek’s “Just” brand) and that it was amazing (I haven’t been able to find it since though). With no eggs you can eat straight out of the container. He laughed and made a remark about how the term vegan junk food is an oxymoron. It’s not. Vegan fruits and vegetables only. Vegan = no animal products. That often means you eat more vegetables, but that’s just an added benefit.

For anyone looking to become vegan or implement more vegan meals this website has amazing meal ideas, and a lot of them are junk food. The site has so many recipes it can be overwhelming. I suggest you think of an item you have in mind and search by that. For example, you want some kind of entree with eggplant then search eggplant and it will narrow down your options a bit.

I am also looking to meet with Cheryl from Thomson about getting some more vegetables/vegan items. Personally, I think getting whole spaghetti squash’s in Thomson would be great. Most of us aren’t going to take the time out of our day to cook pasta, so that leaves us to only eat Hamwil or Smith’s pasta and I’m not sure if the sauces are vegan. You can cook spaghetti squash in the microwave and it is a much healthier, low calorie alternative in my opinion. I also have a couple other items in mind, but if anyone has any suggestions please let me know!


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