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Killer whales, also known as orcas, may be harmed by noises from passing ships. In the past, low rumble has been known to disturb large whales. Findings published in PeerJ have shown a connection between the high frequency ship noises and a whales ability to communicate and echolocate. A study done on ships passing through the Haro Strait in Washington state found that these ships were making noise as intense as a rock concert under water. However, this noise pollution has an easy fix, just slow down! Apparently, noise intensity could decrease by half just by decreasing speed by six knots.


Shannon, Cali, and I will be planning a dinner for the class catered by Del Soufre, a vegan chef in Columbus. The dinner will be presented the week after spring break.

I didn’t have time to tweet about my meals on saturday because I was busy traveling and didn’t get reception. I will be traveling again this saturday but will try to take pictures and tweet about it when my phone has service. It am gaining a great appreciation for the integrity of vegans.

The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse: Save the Earth, Punish Human Beings by Pascal Bruckner

To be honest, I don’t think I fully understood this book but it did have quite a few points that made me reconsider some ideas I keep. One point is that there are two types of people. There are friends of the earth and friends of humanity. Friends of the earth usually get rid of cars and ride bikes, compost, and recycle. Friends of humanity work for the good of humanity to promote their consumeristic needs. One of the problems that is brought up in this book is that the friends of the earth are frequently enemies of humanity. Humanity has, “Soiled Eden,” and friends of the earth say:

“Saving the world requires us to denigrate everything that has to do with the spirit of enterprise and the taste for discovery…. We have ceased to admire; we know only how to denounce, decry, whine.”

Friends of humanity are the ones who instead admire their own productions and inventions instead of natures beauty and resourcefulness. I belive there is a way that these two people can live and work together because I believe man is natural and the things created by man are not all bad but working together will require a lot of effort from both sides. We will have to live better for the earth ( ride bikes, eat less meat, don’t use as much energy) but the development of more environmental technology will help bring these two different sides together as well.


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