Reading Notes

In Bruckner’s book The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse, he makes several interesting points about our society and how we treat our environment. I like the point he makes on page 56 where he explains that it is our obligation to future generations to protect our environment. I do believe that we have a responsibility to ensure the state of our environment and make it a better place than we found it.  Early on in the book, Bruckner points out that many people in our society are selfish with the needs of ourselves. We have a thirst for trying to be the best that we can but often times we fall short of seeing the damage that we do while trying to strive for a great society. On page 93, he discusses how for the beginning of time we have taken advantage of our environment. At the start of chapter 7, Bruckner turns our attention to idea of frugality. This is where he makes a excellent point of Rousseau’s idea. Rousseau believed that luxury would be the downfall of our society, which leads to corruption and deprives the poor. That statement by Rousseau is very powerful but not surprising. We see everyday that greed and power can only spell disaster for human society. On page 140 Bruckner makes a wonderful argument about the idea that we should take notes essentially from Africa because they have withstood deprivation  for so long that they truly understand the idea of frugality.

Today’s society is based around instant gratification we want things immediately. The idea of frugality yeah sure it sounds good on paper but people today would never be able to this idea into practice. We unfortunately are a society which has no problem taking shortcuts to make our lives better.



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