Project Update: Catie & Jordana


Clay (100 lbs) $50 (purchased through Kristina Bogdanov’s clay distributer)
Silicone food safe coffee cup lids (25 lids) $50 (includes shipping)
Water bottle corks  (50 corks) $30 (includes shipping)
Stipend for Kristina Bogdanov (kiln firing) $250 (standard workshop fee for artists at OWU, she would oversee two firings)
Glaze Pricing?
Total  $380 +

We are in the process of scheduling meetings with Kristina Bogdanov and Darrell Albon about budget, supplies, and the SIP grant.

We’ve decided to downsize the project to a more feasible work load and nixing the Diva Cups and cloth pads. We are considering providing pamphlets about reusable feminine hygiene products.

We hope to get our budget done this week and order supplies so we can create the facebook page and start promoting events. We will start making promotional posters this Wednesday with the Green Week organizers.

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