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I have taken a completely different route that what I started with, which was the Meek Retention Pond Native Species project. I have decided to begin a journey into becoming vegan as my term project. This is something I am very enthusiastic about, because I have been attempting vegetarian and have been successful for a while now. I am in the research section of veganism, exploring the environmental, ethical, and health reasons many are becoming vegan today.

I plan to, like others in our class, explore OWU and the vegan options we are limited to on a meal plan here, and keep track of my experiences through blogging, or tweeting. I felt inspired to take on this project by learning of all of the natural resources that go into raising animals for food- creating wasteful, inefficient and costly repercussions on our limited supplies. While it is a long stretch, actually the longest stretch, going vegan seems to be a simple solution to a large problem.

Current Event: COP 21

COP 21 was the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference that took place in Paris during November. 55 countries from across the globe met to create a binding and universal standard for action against climate change. Obviously, the goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to lower the increasing global temperature. Besides the main focus, this conference was a stepping stone for actions to come in the future on our changing climate. The Paris Agreement officially calls for zero net greenhouse gas emissions to be achieved in the next half of the 21st century.

During the time of the Paris Agreement conference, I was interning for the White House’s Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ . This was a hectic time at work, because all hands on deck were preparing for Obama’s contribution to the new climate change protocol, along with my boss accompanying him as the head of the CEQ. The President admitted to being the largest contributor to this environmental downfall alongside China, and is focused on turning emissions 180 degrees. Environmental politics are now the only way that make a difference in our hiking temperature, because it calls for the attention of all people in search of a healthier planet.


Reading: Bruckner: The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse. 

Bruckner’s novel stunned be like no other book so far in this class. He caused me to take conscious recognition of the social factors behind our scientific theories and how we make them. It was very different to read about the fate our of environmental state from a catastrophist who believes in a future, yet hates when people fantasize and diminish the anthropogenic death we are leaning towards. He delves into the concept of “catastrophe” and the idealism it creates in today’s society.

Bruckner states, “If a generous defense of the environment is to develop in the course of the next century, it will exist only as the servant of humans and nature in their mutual interaction and not as an advocate speaking through an entity called ‘the planet’ The friends of the earth have for too long been enemies of humanity; it is time for an ecology of admiration to replace an ecology of accusation.” The fear of science and technology is applauded by Bruckner, comparing to how environmentalists these days are taking the thought of world catastrophe.

On page 16, it stood out to me when he declares “The slightest accidents, oil spills, floods, heavy rains, heat waves; are fateful harbingers of what awaits us.” He does not deny the reality of the current ecological crisis, but only hates the culture it creates of “joylessness.” I am a bit confused on the intertwining and role of Christianty and marxism- is he declaring that today’s modern climate activists involved with this climate movement have made a religion?


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