Ed Abbey

I fell in love with Desert solitaire simply because of the location of the story. I love Arches National Park. One main difference is that when I fell in love with the park, Abbey had already fallen out of love with the park. I believe that this is because of his love of the fact that it was, during his time, a true wilderness with no easy access to the park and its treasures. One of my favorite themes throughout the book is how Abbey likes to talk about how the industrialize world is poisoning nature and the wild. One of my favorite chapters was the chapter called Polemic: Industrial tourism and the national parks.  It was interesting hearing about how his days go, and how he would go in to the town and analyze the people that lived and worked there. I also really liked the story that starts on page 52 and ends on 54. I love his excitement when Abbey heard the jeep driving through the park full of the surveyors from the Bureau of Public Roads, and he was going to give them a ticket for ruining his own little paradise. He was so opposed to outsiders, because he believed that they didn’t fully understand the power and beauty of Arches National park.

I also really liked how he would point out how there where area’s where it seemed like there would be no way life could flourish and survive, but then he would go into all of this detail on the organisms that have survived there.

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