Desert Solitaire

In reading this book I found that I was constantly reminded of my own viewpoints about wilderness, nature, our connection to the world we live in, and the willingness to step outside of our modern lives and back into nature. To me Abbey put into words what I have contemplated on many occasions, and something that I had never thought about but could understand where he was coming from. The way in which Abbey discussed his adventures in the Arches, and his seeming release from civilization into a wilderness where he lived for months on end in solitude, with the occasional interaction with other humans.

I enjoyed the way in which Abbey discussed his interactions with nature, using his knowledge of the organisms he lived with to coexist in ways that caused little detriment to either him or the wildlife around him.

I found it fascinating that latter on in the book he delves into his battle with loneliness in the desert, and that his way of combating loneliness was to turn even more to nature and separate himself further from civilization and modern ways of life. That sleeping outside under the stars made him fell less lonely, and more connected with the other organisms that called the desert home. A somewhat opposite thought one today might have on his solution to loneliness due to cell phones, more roads, and the internet. Things that seem to better connect us to one another, but manage to also sometimes make us even lonelier than if we hadn’t any of them.



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