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Haifa Pollution

The Haifa University published statistics this week on how pollution is effecting children (mostly babies) in the Haifa area. Since then, the authors have received multiple attacks trying to place suspicion on the methods and reliability of Haifa Universities research. A large contributor of this criticism is thought to be the Ministry of Heath. Because of these attacks and criticism, researchers published a response:

“The research team stands by its findings and methodology which was pre-approved by professional committee that included members of the Ministries of Health and Environmental Protection.”

The main problem is that this is just based on preliminary data and the full research report has not been completed yet. Some people are worried that they are making a big deal out of something that could be nothing while others are worried that after all this time when they finally have evidence that will lead to change, still nothing is happening. Personally, I think that whether or not the research was done correctly and whether or not there is truth to this hypothesis, it does not effect what should be done. Pollution is bad and should be lessened. Everyone knows that it is not good, right now we are just debating how not good it is instead of thinking of ways to fix the problem.



I started my vegan diet on Monday February 1st and have tweeted pictures of all of my meals (not including snacks) to my twitter page (@readysetvegan). So far I would consider myself a very diligent vegetarian and a very ignorant and unsuccessful vegan but I am learning a lot and improving every day. I am gathering contact information of vegans on campus and off for conducting interviews. The interviews will be used to obtain data, which will then be translated into graphs so it’s easier to visually understand.


Desert Solitaire

Abbey is a big proponent of nature as is without any manmade interference and he has an elegant way of saying so. His adventures and experience in Utah have definitely helped him better define this opinion but I believe he would have the same mentality even if he had not observed national park visitors to be obnoxious and untrustworthy. The fact that people die due to the rough untamed nature where he works, like the 60 year that died of exposure, does not sway Abbey in his stance that mankind is separate from nature and nature should be protected from it and kept separate. Even his own near death experience in a canyon does nothing to change his ideals. At the end, he has come to the realization that he likes being in nature above any other place. The haunting question he has is whether or not it will be the same place when he returns. We all wonder and worry about new developments springing up in our town but in nature it’s a more drastic issue because just a little bit of change can open the floodgates to more and more.

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