Current Event: February 3rd, 2016

Only Known Jaguar In U.S. Filmed

Featured in National Geographic Magazine, By: Bryan Handwerk

Jaguars are one of my sore spots when it comes to animals, so naturally I felt like this article needed to make it on our blog.

In this article and video, a rare sighting of a jaguar occurred in Arizona. The video captures a adult male jaguar who has been captured by cameras hundreds of times over the past three years, his name is El Jefe-“the boss.”

To be able to film El Jefe conservationists used dogs to sniff out his scat, and afterwards installed motion sense cameras in various areas to catch a glimpse of him. Being listed under the Endangered Species Act, as near-threatened this was an especially rare treat to see. Here I have attached a link to the video that was recorded.


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