Project Updates: Jordana & Catie

We met with Reilly, Cindy, and Ellen who are in charge of organizing Green Week. We plan to attend their weekly planning sessions from now on. The most related/popular Green Week events to sell products at include:

  • Monday, April 18th – “waste”, will include demonstrations about the amount of waste we create, focus on reusable items, also a workshop on how to crochet water bottle sleeves
  • Tuesday, April 19th – “water”, ban the bottle!
  • Thursday, April 21st – Green Knowledge Panel, a talk will be given at night by various professors, a chance to interact with the Delaware community
  • proposed as an organization to donate proceeds to, as well as Stratford
  • attain money through E&W


  • Reilly proposed setting up a website where people could make orders in advance and pick up during Green Week (Facebook, GoFundMe), a good way to reach out to the entire Delaware community
  • Collaborative posters with a schedule of Green Week events, content of poster will include our project
  • Plan to hang up in businesses around town to further spread the word

Diva Cups

  • contact Dalia Lorenzo, who had a house project that involved diva cups
  • contact Becca Harrison, the sibling of an alum, who makes reusable pads

Ceramic Wares

  • decided on mugs and water bottles, found a company that sells silicone lids at wholesale prices, as well as corks
  •  set on purchasing 100 lb ($50) of clay (not entirely sure how many vessels that will allow us to make)
  • plan to collaborate with Tree House on the content of images we transfer

To Do:

  • start by making posters/ Facebook page to gauge interest
  • establish how many cups/mugs to make, as well as how much to charge for each
  • set up a meeting with Darryl Albin to obtain application for a SIP grant
  • continue attending Green Week meetings

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