Project Update

I am still working on getting more vegan food on campus. It can be hard trying to explain a vegan lifestyle to someone who is not vegan and has not looked into it much. For example, I was shown the App on Campus app that shows what’s for lunch and dinner at the dining halls and the nutrition facts and ingredients. When shown some “vegan options” I awkwardly had to point out that recipes with chicken stock, honey, cream/milk are not vegan. Some people don’t realize not eating animal products goes past not eating chicken or drinking a glass of milk, it’s not eating anything that uses any animal products whatsoever.
But, the app is very useful for anyone trying to eat vegetarian/vegan or has any other dietary restrictions. I am surprised almost everyday about some of the ingredients in the “vegetarian dishes.” I pointed these out though, so hopefully they will be resolved. I’ll keep checking and update everyone on whether the vegan dishes are actually vegan.

I also suggested that there are many vegan recipes that can be made without tofu. When I went on the travel learning course to the Galapagos last year, the three vegetarians on the trip (myself included) were fed tofu almost 8 days in a row for dinner. While they were prepared differently we were still very, very happy to get off that boat and have the opportunity to eat something else for a change. Also, everyone else on the trip looked at our meals, essentially, with disgust. Tofu is not the way to promote vegetarianism/veganism, that’s for sure. Yet, it’s almost always the vegan dish offered in Hamwil.
I have also been thinking about trying to add more to my project as adding vegan food on campus has very little impact if people don’t eat it. I was thinking about ways to promote vegan food, and given I am an animal-motivated vegan I immediately thought about a pig. What are the chances I could bring a pig to campus and either get a booth or just walk it around to try and promote veganism/vegetarianism? I follow this pig on Facebook (no shame) named Esther who was sold as a teacup pig, but since teacup pigs aren’t real she inevitably grew into a massive pig. Her owners became vegan, moved to a farm to rescue other vegan animals, and now use her to promote veganism. While I can’t get Esther on campus, I feel like I might be able to find someone who has a pig and would be interested in the idea. Maybe Leeds farm or if Stratford has pigs? If nothing else I know my dad’s coworker has one, but it would mean more drive time, which would make this a bit harder. I’m not sure if there are any legal issues with this though. Aren’t pigs just like dogs? As long as it’s on a leash and I pick up it’s poop it should be fine, right? I will have to look into it.

But lets be real, who wants bacon after seeing someone this cute?Esther

An idea for green week potentially? I will discuss with E&W club as well.


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