Project/Moore Reading (Emily Scott)


I am planning on becoming vegan this semester. The following is a list of things I will complete.

  1. Research how to healthily transition into becoming vegan
  2. Conduct interviews with vegans to determine what works for them here at OWU as well as at home.
  3. Maintain a record of what I eat and what I most likely would have consumed if I were not vegan to create an approximate reference for how being vegan quantifiably effects my the community.
  4. Keep a record of what techniques work for me becoming vegan and the struggles I have on my way.


Current Event:

The Hubble telescope recently discovered that the galaxy NGC 5408 is an irregular galaxy as opposed to a regular galaxy like three fourths of the known galaxies. The galaxy was discovered in 1834. Being an irregular galaxy means that the it’s a can’t be generally grouped into easily identifiable regular shapes like spirals and ellipticals. This galaxy is known for it’s ultra luminous x-ray source that may be a sign of an intermediate mass black hole which are very hard to find. NGC was presumably a planetary nebula, a gaseous cloud or gas generated by a dying star until it was discovered that it’s just a galaxy that doesn’t conform to a regular shape.


Garbage Matters: Concepts in New Geography of Waste

Sarah Moore

“Reframing waste as a resource addresses part of what is missed by thinking solely of waste as hazard.”

The idea that trash is a commodity to be utilized makes it easier to find places to put it. However, just like recycling, we need to split up the trash into different areas.

“Waste as hazard, therefore, focuses research on ethical questions of the just distribution of toxic materials throughout society and demands intervention in terms of increased regulation of the disposal and production of such materials.”

Toxic waste has always been hard to remove so finding a place to put it will hopefully improve with technological and biological research breakthroughs.

“While they have different foci, work that posits waste as a simple commodity that can be exchanged to create wealth and economic growth in and among countries has some similarities with work that constructs waste as resource.”

One problem with distributing the waste to countries for increased economic growth is travel cost.

“The process of disposing of waste becomes ‘thoroughly constitutive of social and indeed ethical activity’”

When dealing with relationships between countries, there is always a problem of making sure both are environmental safe. We continuously create waste, therefore, if we were to create a safe, resourceful way to dispose of it, there is a lot of economic and environmental gains to be made.

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