Project Update: Catie & Jordana

EcoFeminism Craft Sale:

(event will take place during Green Week)

The tentative plan for the project includes:

  1. Ceramic water bottles
  2. Recycled notebooks or ceramic coffee mugs
  3. Diva cups sold at a discounted price
  4. Amy’s Beauty Jams – Ohio based environmentally friendly beauty products

We plan to each head up work for 1 product-making project and 1 product outreach (this is yet to be decided). We will get in contact with Tree House members and other organizers to decide on an event or a series of events to piggy back off of for the craft sale. From experience, its easier to sell things/take donations in accordance with events than it is to table during lunch.

Ceramic water bottles + cups:

Kristina Bogdanov is down to help with the water bottle portion of the project. These are the tentative supplies/costs:

  • 50 – 100lbs clay stoneware or terra cotta($25 each)
  • decoration: We could make a glaze (cost unknown) or as Kristina suggested use a photo transfer process. We could obtain photos of the campus, Ohio plants, etc. I don’t know the cost of ink for the transfer process or glazes. She says that the cost we be no more than a few hundred dollars.
  • Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 12.52.15 PM

    Here’s an image of a photo transfer on bare stoneware clay with white slip by Cat

    A friend, Kelsie Bell, in ceramics has agreed to throw water bottle spouts on the wheel

  • Corks would be used to close the spouts
  • I would like to apply for a small grant to cover the material costs, as well as provide Kristina a small stipend for overseeing two kiln firings (this ends up consuming about 2 days of her time to monitor). She said she will get back to me on whether she would accept a stipend and the appropriate price.
  • As for the ceramic cups, we could order a bulk pack of rubbery material lids to go on and only worry about making the cups. However, if we are asking the school to provide money for these coffee cups does that pose any conflicts with their relationship with Chartwells? When you buy coffee for your own mug it is charged as a refill, not a full cup.

Notebooks: These would be made from collected paper from recycling bins throughout academic side. We have yet to decide whether to remake the paper or just bind it as is. The covers would have a woodblock design on the front.

Diva cups: We know a few Tree House members who have contacted the company and managed to sell these at a discounted price to students. It’s possible that someone is doing this for an upcoming house project that could be absorbed into the craft fair. More to come.

Amy’s Beauty Jams: This is an Ohio based environmentally friendly beauty product line based in Akron. The owner’s daughter went to OWU and has reached out to students in the past for the promotion/sale/sampling of products. We would like to contact her to see if she would be interested in selling products at this event. Perhaps at a discounted price? Or we were thinking 10-15% of what she makes could be donated to whatever fund we donate the water bottle proceeds to. We’re not sure what’s appropriate in this situation. More to come.

To do:

  • Look into small grant application
  • Get a better idea of material costs from Kristina
  • Contact Amy’s and Divacups
  • Contact Tree House and Green Week organizers
  • Decide between notebooks and coffee cups
  • Figure out how to promote event and budget for this
  • Decide where to donate the money made


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