Garbage Matters

The figure that presented the two axes was very informative. With that the positive side is where waste can be seen as an easily categorized and qualitative data point. On the negative side, however, it is much harder to categorize garbage and waste and they do not have specific meaning. The other axis explained that the dualist part is where waste is defined completely different entities while the relational portion completely separates waste and society. The two axes make up 4 quadrants that can then be analyzed. The 4 quadrants, positive dualist, positive relational, negative dualist and negative relational, allow waste to be seen as hazards, resources, filth, a governable object, or even out of place.

By using social science to study waste I feel the author was able to really describe waste in all forms and from all perspectives. Considering how prominent waste is in our society, and how much money we put into it this kind of in depth analysis is really important for getting a good grasp on waste. I would have never guessed our garbage could be complicated so much, but this would be a great source of reference for someone looking to study waste, especially cross-culturally. .


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