Yanoff Project Update/CurEvent/Readings

Meek Aquatics Center Retention Pond- Inserting Two Rain Gardens:

The past concerned student on this project proposed we team up with an Eagle Scout from the Boy Scouts of America to complete their Eagle Project due to the intense amount of upkeep and maintenance. I am planning on contacting the Sierra Club, WCSA and Price Organic Farms to to provide the fund and labor. The project has the steps mostly planned and carefully laid out diagrams of the rain gardens, but needs that next push to reach out to said contacts.

Current Event: A bit comical..

U2 guitarist David Evans (The Edge) announced plans to construct five mansion houses on untouched and protected land in Malibu. Evans has advanced his construction with litigation regarding permits, taking down the Coastal Commission’s opposition.

As of last week, the Sierra Club filed a lawsuit against the project proposal because it violates the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The project is determined to contribute significant amounts of greenhouse gases and have a terrible impact on air quality.

The Sierra Club is also testifying that materialistic, non-essential private projects that disrupt environmentally sensitive habitats are extremely harmful to the Malibu mountainside, which is already being environmentally degraded. There are many more steps throughout getting project approval, which will most likely not happen due to the strength of opposition from environmental groups, Los Angeles County, and the city of Malibu.


Readings:Garbage matters: Concepts in new geographies of waste: Sarah  Moore

Before reading Garbage Matters, I had no idea the extent of political possibilities produced by understanding waste in different manners. By plotting a plethora of conceptual aspects along  a two-axe graph, positive versus negative and dualist versus relational, Moore develops the relationship between trash geography and social sciences.

The sociospatial aspect of unmanageable garbage wreaks havoc, and disorder in what was once a manageable and governable space. I was particularly surprised by garbage being described as a fetishized product. It is valued by some and have social meanings, but obscures society just when there is a surplus. Absurdity in the amount of waste chastises our culture negatively. The notion of waste being a commodity explains the trade for routes and patterns for distributing hazardous and solid waste, especially between nations.


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