Project Update

As I mentioned in class my project is dealing with getting more vegan food on campus. I guess I should also mention that I have been trying to get off the meal plan for a while for personal dietary restrictions. I consider myself a good vegan meaning I eat mostly vegetables, which is not possible here. (I also eat a lot of organic food, so that just makes things harder). This means I spend a lot of money at Kroger buying groceries. This leaves me with so many food points left over each semester. (anyone want to buy food points?). So while that’s not the base of my project I will mention it as well, because I don’t believe it’s fair to make people purchase a meal plan if they cannot use it, especially if they eat a certain way for environmental/moral reasons.

On that note I also want to mention my current event, which is that Ontario, Canada made veganism a human right! How cool! That means if OWU were in Ontario they would have to either supply more vegan options or let vegans off the meal plan. It would mean students would not be forced to dissect animals, hospitals have to provide vegans with vegan meals, and if an employer’s mandated uniforms have something like leather or fur they would have to accommodate vegans. Looks like I’ll be moving to Canada.


*Insert Canada’s National Anthem Here*

I have contacted Wendy Piper several times previously just trying to set up a meeting concerning the meal plan policy and why I think it is unfair and doesn’t match many of OWU’s mission statements. However, I have not heard back from her. I just emailed Kurt Holmes and Daniel Magee, OWU employees, as well. I set up a meeting with Daniel Magee for Wednesday to discuss meal plans as well as the vegan options here. I have not heard back from Kurt Holmes yet, but will update accordingly.

I think a lot of the reason my concerns have been overlooked is people don’t realize how many things are not vegan. Most vitamins, marshmallows (both of which actually aren’t even vegetarian), any packaged deserts like cake/cookie dough, some breads/bagels, almost anything that says it contains omega’s (orange juice) are not vegan. Also, some people just do not understand what vegan is. I’ve been asked multiple times why I don’t eat from the vegetarian side of Hamwil’s options, and it usually takes some explaining that since it’s all covered in cheese and cooked in butter it is not vegan.

I have also research a couple of vegan places that could be suppliers on campus. Dr. Krygier suggested Luna Burger. I also like places like Amy’s Kitchen which we have at Thomson, but most of the options OWU has are not vegan. Amy’s tends to have a lot of fake meat options, which is great for many vegetarians and vegans, but when you look at the ingredients they are usually made with soy/soy isolate. I’ve read different things concerning soy/soy isolate, but from what I understand is it something that should be eaten in moderation.

I will continue contacting people and will have more of an update after my meeting tomorrow with Daniel Magee.

-Shannon Schlater

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