Moore Article (Todd D’Andrea)

Sarah Moore

Garbage Matters: Concepts in new geographies of Waste

Garbage as the ‘poem of our time’

-Even after finishing the article, I struggled with this interpretation and what it means

Garbage as “that which objects, that which disturbs the

smooth running of things.

I like this wording. It’s as if garbage is in our way, poking and rearing its head when we would rather look away. It reminds us that there are consequences to our actions. It’s something we would rather not deal with or have to be concerned with. Garbage can ruin the beauty of a place.



My stance on waste would likely place me somewhere in this proximity. This runs deeper at a personal level, my sense of well-being comes from organization and structure, tidiness and cleanliness.

“Re-framing waste as a resource addresses part of what is missed by thinking solely of waste as hazard.”

-More of a positive and opportunistic way of looking at waste as something that can be commodified

‘Garbologist’ (Interesting field; with the possibility of multiple sub disciplines, for example human garbology and anthropological garbology)

-Artifacts of material culture

If waste is ‘out of place’, it challenges the normative assumption that it should be out of sight and raises concerns about the usual practices of distancing it from particular places (Moore, 2008)

-Taken in this context it seems as if waste has agency as a non-human actor

“The force of disgust throws out the desire for action.”

-Much like a turning away that occurs, throwing up of the hands in way as if we are done, beyond the limits of our tolerance

I found this article to be helpful in exploring the various stances on waste within the social sciences. Her diagram is useful in comprehensively explaining the positions that can be held in regards to waste. These seem to be universal categories that go beyond race and gender for example, but are dependent on the geographical location of a specific site.




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