Project Update: Homeless in Delaware (Thomas Finke and Todd D’Andrea)


Jon Peterson, Zion United Church of Christ

51 W. Central Ave., Delaware OH 43015


Lana Lowary/ Mike Newcomb,  Family Promise

39 N. Washington St., Delaware OH 43015

(740) 362-7817



Coffee/Water/Water Bottles





SIP grant pending discussion with contacts

Thomas spoke with his contact at the Delaware Police department and he informed him there would be no criminal issue with providing support physically in the city of Delaware

Questions to ask sources:

Approximately how many homeless are believed to be in Delaware and the uptown region?

Are you aware of locations where the homeless sleep outside if they cannot find indoor shelter?

Are you aware of outside locations where the homeless tend to spend time, other than locations where they sleep outside?

What sort of vital supplies do you see requested by the homeless?

Are you aware of any legality concerns with what we are attempting to do?

Can you think of any negative consequences with what we are attempting to do?

What are your ideas for sharing information about our efforts with the homeless?

Are there certain days of the week when our efforts would be most effective?

What are some the challenges that you face trying house and help the homeless around Delaware?

How often are shelters available for people throughout the week?

Are there differences in services for homeless single men, single women, or families?

Is there enough space or beds for the people that seek shelter during the winter months?

Do you have any other thoughts about our project or homelessness in Delaware?

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