The Meadowlands

After reading the Meadowlands I was found myself wanting to go exploring. It was interesting to me how Sullivan found this wilderness right in the hart of an industrial wasteland. It really made me think about what the word wilderness means to Sullivan. He was able to find joy and excitement out of a place that most people see as a dump and a waste land. this is first apparent with his chapter on Snake Hill. He finds beauty in the fact that there is a wilderness that has a ton of history behind it that no one see’s as a wilderness. Its also very interesting when you look at how much of the meadowlands was used and abused. It seems that there used to be a very abundant and diverse wilderness there and no one can really remember what used to be there and Sullivan is trying to help others remember what the Meadowlands used to be. I still cannot get over all of the amazing things that came out of that area, yet I don’t know anyone who knows about the Meadowlands. It really makes me understand the importance of preserving nature and wilderness, otherwise it is forgotten about.

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