Project Proposals: JMc

  1. Recycled Notebooks – I’ve always been drawn to the idea of paper/book making, and think it would be really cool to use paper out of recycling bins around campus (which supposedly make their way into the regular trash anyway), and use it to make handmade paper, which could then be bound into notebooks and sold. I think it could also work as a workshop in a couple of different ways, either making paper beforehand and teaching people a simple binding technique, like the pamphlet stitch, or even making it multi-day, where people gather their own recycled materials and learn about the paper making process, and then return to actually bind it into a book.
  2. Natural Pigments – A couple of years ago, the Ross Art Museum showed an artist from Columbus who, in being diagnosed with breast cancer, stopped using artificial dyes that are harmful to us and the environment, and instead began employing cochineal and other natural dyes to color her works. Going off of this as well as John Sabraw’s “Toxic Art” project, I think it would be fascinating to explore which dyes are most harmful, and attempt to come up with natural alternatives. More in conjunction with Sabraw’s project, where he cleans up rivers and uses the pollutant as pigment, I think it would awesome if I could somehow incorporate invasive species of Ohio into these pigments. Not really sure how far fetched of an idea this is, but the director of my department Jim Kriehbel makes his own printing ink and would likely be able to help me with the logistics.
  3. Conceptual/Eco Art Installation -This sect of contemporary art takes shape in many forms, but I intend to focus on unearthing and presenting images of sites around Ohio that present all the bad we’ve done to the landscape. This idea is abstract, but inspired by a movement in the 1960’s known as conceptual art, in conjunction with institutional critique, where a topic is addressed via various media rather than one (inevitably subjective) artwork. I think it would be cool to present photographs as well as works made with objects found at junkyards in the area to create an all encompassing installation that presents information rather than a definitive opinion, allowing viewers to draw their own conclusions. Again not entirely sure where such an installation could take place, but I think it would attract many different students on campus, a continual problem with events hosted by those in the art department.

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