Project Proposal Ideas

  1. Water bottle + eco feminism art sale/tabling/workshop : It’s been cool to see how successful the refillable water fountains have been over the years. A supplemental project that could help boost the use of the fountains and dampen plastic water bottle sales is the production and sale of  alternative water bottles. One of my first projects in ceramics last semester was to create a personalized water bottle. The project was simple: roll out a slab, form the flat slab into your desired shape, handprint, water volume, and make the appropriate drinking spout. They would be easy to make in excess and have a variety of decorative potentials. I don’t know how well this stands true with an undergrad student body, but I like to think that providing personalized, hand crafted things would make people more conscious in their daily life of how they consume water. The ceramics professor Kristina Bogdanov strongly identifies with eco feminism and has conducted previous projects at the school to provide ceramic-based water filtration systems. It is possible she would be interested in helping. I would try to get funding for the clay and reimbursement for Kristina or one of her studio aids from SLAM. This project could manifest as a couple students working and selling the bottles and other eco-friendly hygiene products, or a free workshop where students make and decorate their own bottles.
  2. Composting Project Continuation : I am very interested in learning how to compost and seeing that the project continues after I leave. I see a lot of potential in getting compost collecting bins started at the SLUs and smaller bins housed in the trash rooms of residence halls, to then be emptied at the SLUs. I’ve heard that Tree House is trying to restart the program, so it’s possible to get a network of students in on this and see that it continues past this year. I’d like to see a workshop happen where people can learn how to take care of the bins. I’ve heard that there are special bins that allow you to turn the compost within the tub itself, which would also help keep out hungry critters. A renewed compost program would provide incentive for the community garden to also become a sustainable practice.
  3. Upcycling Art Installation : This idea is a little bit absurd and B&G + public safety would hate it, but I noticed a few other people mentioned wanting to restart the recycling program here. I’ve heard that the school basically lies to us about recycling? That they collect it but then throw it in with the regular trash. I’ve crawled through one of those massive bins by Haycock before and wow, there was so much plastic in there that should not have been. I don’t know if it’s an issue of people not thinking and knowing about recycling or just a blatant lack of recycling. SO, if someone in this class would like to make moves to restart the recycling program I was thinking an art installation would make for really cool publicity of this and a great opportunity to educate people about recycling. It could be a structure, or a sculpture. I was even thinking a little “earth ship” of our own would be a cool project for people to get involved in. I co-organized the mural project in the amphitheater a year or so ago, and one of the best parts of that project for me was seeing 100 people contribute to the same piece of art. People who don’t give themselves credit as creative individuals were so involved and into the communion of it. I think it could be a great opportunity to get a lot of students interested in the work of recycling as a student responsibility.


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