Personal Introduction: Jordana McCallen

I’m from Mystic, Connecticut, a tiny coastal town on the southeastern-most tip of the state. It’s a tourist trap that comes alive in the summertime, much to the chagrin of locals, but quiets down after the last of the leaves have fallen in autumn. I grew up on the water, spending my summers sailing and rowing crew. I dearly miss living near the ocean, and cherish the time I get to spend there.


I’m a senior BFA concentrating in art history, printmaking, sculpture, and figure drawing. My interest in art history has largely dictated my chosen mediums, as they have all played an integral role in the development and democratization of fine art. My time here has allowed for extensive exploration of mediums as well as content, as I’ve explored natural systems and the human figure and their relation to one another, which culminated in a solo show last semester, entitled “Line”.


The bird feet are modeled after various species, mostly sea birds, and the armature is largely comprised of up-cycled materials from a local fabrication plant

In thinking about my overall trajectory, I really relate to something John Sabraw says in his Toxic Art video, which is that “artists and scientists share two critical aspects: curiosity and failure … both play a crucial role in our society, to see things differently, and to act on this vision”. I find this to be profoundly true, and a perspective I maintain especially in entering this class, as I intend to juxtapose these two disciplines. With that, I apologize now for how often I foresee drawing comparisons to our readings and current events with art, in all its facets.

After graduation, I’m moving to Pittsburgh to take a job at a design company, where I’ll be designing and fabricating prototypes for furniture. This lends to my ultimate goal of integrating art into the everyday, a personal utopian vision that draws largely on the Arts and Crafts Movement in the mid 19th century. In the long run, I intend to go back to school for an MFA, and eventually teach undergrad.

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