I did enjoy reading the book The Meadowlands. In my opinion, I believe that Sullivan is trying to show the human footprint or impact  on what used to be a place where nature once flourished. He shows in his book that the Meadow lands was once a place where trees, flowers, and wildlife were once present but have been displaced by the human impact of industry and pollution. We see in his book, that there has been a shift with the importance of our nature wildlife areas are overcome by industry and monetary gains. I did like his train crash analogy which shows that the meadow lands are out sight to people in their everyday life. I think his main point was that people do not have the same since of enjoying or taking in natures beauty when humans today are driven by business deals and money.

I think Sullivan’s goal of this book was to show the human impact of a small corner of the world which is often taken for granted. Is not our responsibility as people who inhabit the earth to protect nature’s wonders from ourselves?

I also believe Sullivan was trying show the resilience of nature and how it was able to overcome the impact of people and the toxins that were introduced into the environment. I believe it is our purpose to pursue further protection of our environment so the generation is able to appreciate the natural wonders of our world.

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