Catie Beach: Personal Intro

Senior BFA studio art major /// Columbus, OH /// she/her/hers

One of the more interesting things I’ve learned about myself during undergrad is my tendency to make friends with science majors. I’ve made friends here across multiple disciplines, and consider those conversations some of the most impacting on my developing perspective of the world.  Much of my art deals with themes within nature. It is appreciative of nature’s patterns, strength, and delicacies, however, I’m moving to a point of dealing with the often difficult junction of humans and nature. Although we are a product of this world’s ecology, I think we as humans face the challenge of discerning whether the things that we make and live with are simply too alien. I hope this class will help me gain perspective on the environment as a world citizen and an artist.


This is one of my iron cast sculptures. The pattern is taken from a rubbing I made of emerald ash borer destruction on a tree near my house.

This summer I worked with Dr. Johnson in the Botany & Microbio Dept. illustrating Xylopia specimens, collected from East Africa, Madagascar, and SE Asia. Here’s one of my works:


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