Project Ideas

  • Amanda Marshall
  1. I would like to help out with planting native plants around the Meek Retention pond. I think it is important to plant native plants in the area to support and encourage native wildlife. I also just really like planting and gardening. The project sounds like a lot of fun! It would be interesting to research which plants would work best to integrate into the edges of the pond. Native wetland plants are becoming even more important in the area to combat the non-native phragmites. This would be an interesting topic to research, with an added bonus of implementing the research by planting!
  2. I volunteer at the Ohio Wildlife Center. The Ohio Wildlife center is a rehabilitation facility that rehabs native wildlife for release. It would be interesting to keep a journal of the animals admitted to the animal hospital and Pre-release facility. These records could then be used to determine human impacts on native wildlife in Ohio. for example the number of animals admitted to the center due to car collisions could be calculated. I could write up this project in a journal entry/memoir format followed with statistics on the animals admitted to the center.
  3. Photography and video are great mediums to encourage interest in wildlife. For a third project idea I could take pictures and videos of native wildlife and wildlife areas to create a presentation of video. IT would be interesting to photograph abandoned shelters and urban areas to picture how wildlife has adapted to urbanization.  I love wildlife photography and have had the opportunities to photograph the wildlife in Borneo and South Africa. I have done a few sessions in Ohio, but it would be fun to delve into the wildlife found here at home. Nature here tends to be taken for granted because people “see” it all the time. However, people “see” wildlife and nature here without really paying attention to it. I would love to create a photo/video project that would spark interest what people consider the “abundant” and “mundane” nature found in Ohio.

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