Larynn Cutshaw: Project Proposals

Proposal 1: Bottled Water Education
While recently touring the Delaware Water Treatment Facility, the lone manager of the plant told us of his plans to implement conservation education programs in local schools by teaching children the value of freshwater and damages of bottled water. Additionally, he would like to provide reusable water bottles to the participating children. However, being one of only four employees of the plant he cannot devote the time or resources to do this. I believe that teaching children habits (such as using reusable water bottles) at a young age is vital as they will carry these habits into adulthood. I propose a collaboration with the manager to create a lesson plan and teach a brief course to local elementary students. These lessons will include information about water sources and plastic use.

Proposal 2: Resurrecting OWU Recycling Program
Rumor has it that while we provide recycling bins, the waste is not actually being recycled. If true, I would like to restart the program and make sure that OWU is properly recycling.

Proposal 3: Bottled Water Reduction Efforts
I would like to continue the efforts to reduce the purchase of bottled water at OWU by promoting the use of reusable water bottles and propose more hydration stations across campus.

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